907 Barrel Racers Association

The mission of the 907 Barrel Racers Association is to provide barrel racers with a local organization that will promote the sport of barrel racing and its growth.  907Barrel Racers Association will promote a positive atmosphere where honesty, personal growth and politeness towards fellow horsemen exist, where horses are always respected, and where true western tradition is genuinely honored.  Our goal is to increase the number of participants and members who share a love for a true equine athlete, the “Barrel Horse”. 


 2018  907 Barrel Racers Season Schedule


9th Time Onlies – Butte/Saddle Up Arena

23rd Race – Butte/Saddle Up Arena

25th Race – Butte/Saddle Up Arena

26th-27th – Vyron Wells Memorial Race- Butte/Saddle Up Arena


6th Race - Anchorage/WCCEC

8th 907 Friday Night Northern Lights Series Race – Palmer/Fair Grounds

13th Race - Palmer/Fair Grounds

15th 907 Friday Night Northern Lights Series Race – Anchorage/WCCEC

20th Race – Butte Saddle Up Arena

27th Race – Butte/Saddle Up Arena


11th Race - Anchorage/WCCEC

13th 907 Friday Night Northern Lights Series Race – Eagle River

18th Race - Palmer/Fair Grounds

25nd Race – Butte/Saddle Up Arena


3rd 907 Friday Night Northern Lights Series Race – Fairbanks/Fair Grounds

8th Race - Anchorage/WCCEC

15th Race Palmer/Fair Grounds

22nd Race – Butte/Saddle Up Arena


5th Race - Anchorage/WCCEC

19th Race - Palmer/Fair Grounds

22nd FINALS – Butte/Saddle Up Arena

29th Wrap Up Rally – Butte/Saddle Up Arena


Second Annual Buckle Series Info!

907 Friday Night Northern Lights Series

4D barrels open jackpot and 3D open poles jackpot Friday nights after the Rodeo Alaska JR Rodeo.


Rodeo Alaska Rodeos that will be included in the buckle series

Palmer Colony Days – Friday June 8th

Father’s Day Rodeo Anchorage – June 15th

Bear Paw Festival Rodeo – July 13th

Northern Most Rodeo in America (Fairbanks) – August 3rd



Must be 16yrs old or older to enter.

$40 entry fee per horse/Rider no limit on entries. $20.00 one time admin fee per rider.


If you are 15yrs of age or younger and entered into the barrels and poles in the Rodeo Alaska JR Rodeo you can enter the 907 race.

If you are entered in the Rodeo Alaska Barrels Event for the Jr. Rodeo or the Open Rodeo you will not be required to pay the $20.00 admin fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time only runs - None.

Why only those rodeos - This series may run late as late as midnight we need the day light.

Why the age limit - We are partners with Rodeo Alaska and are supportive of their JR Rodeo and won't take away from it. So the prerequisite for individuals under 15 applies.

Payouts - 30% of entries will be kept to go towards awards and other costs. Payouts will be done directly after the race.

Rules - Please refer to the 907 rule book on our website, same rules apply in regards to racing.

Do you need to be a member of 907 - No, this is an open race but you must be in good standing with 907 and Rodeo Alaska. Code of Conduct still applies.

Dress Code – No. Dress appropriately, boots are always required & helmets for kids 17yrs old and under.

Is Pole Bending also a buckle series - Yes, given we have enough participates.

What time will it start - As soon as the JR Rodeo is finished, so come out and help move it along. Times will vary.

What about state fair rodeo - We are losing too much daylight to safely run there so no Friday night race for that rodeo.

Do you have to attend all races? No, each race will have its own payouts however, points will be accumulated at each race for the final Buckle award. If you are interested in winning a buckle it is advised that you attend each race.  .