907 Barrel Racers Rule Book

2017 907 Barrel Racers Rule Book




Race classes for barrels will be as follows:

Open............... No age limit

Youth.............. 13 – 17 as of January 1st

PeeWee........... 12 & Under as of January 1st (includes Leadline; minimum of 3 years old)

Peewee and youth can enter up a level if desired, (ie: peewee to youth, or youth to open), but cannot move backwards in class levels once the season begins. Multiple levels may be entered if desired, (ie: Youth & Open)

Race class for pole bending will be as follows:

Open..................... No age limit



Barrel races will be a 4D format, and pole bending a 3D format. 


The formats are divided into divisions accordingly:

                Barrels 4D Format                                               Pole Bending 3D Format            

1st Division    = Fastest time                                 1st Division    = Fastest time

2nd Division  = Fastest time + .5 seconds              2nd Division  = Fastest time + 1 second

3rd Division   = Fastest time + 1 second                3rd Division   = Fastest time + 2 seconds

4th Division   = Fastest time + 2 seconds


907 Barrel Racers use the Charlie Horse Barrel Racing computer program for calculating payout.  Division payoff percentages:

       Barrels                                                                       Pole Bending                       

Division 1       30%                                                         Division 1       50%

Division 2       27%                                                         Division 2       30%

Division 3       23%                                                         Division 3       20%

Division 4       20%

If due to time breakdown no riders fall in a division, then the payout percentages for the remaining divisions will automatically adjusted by the computer program. If only one person is in a division, that rider receives the total payout for that division.


Barrels and pole bending places and percentages for each division

1 place            – 100%

2 places          – 60%, 40%

3 places          – 50%, 30%, 20%

4 places          – 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%



                          Barrels                                                                    Pole Bending                       

1-12       - entries will pay 1 place                              1-10       - entries will pay 1 place

13-18     - entries will pay 2 places                             11-15     - entries will pay 2 places

19-25     - entries will pay 3 places                             16-21     - entries will pay 3 places

26 & Up  - entries will pay 4 places                             22 & Up  - entries will pay 4 places

Payoff will be rounded to the nearest dollar (drop cents).



All contestants/participants must sign a release of liability waiver and code of conduct before competing. No exceptions.

  1. Entries shall be taken at the race location no later than 30 minutes prior to competition start time, or as requested by the arena secretary.
  2. Member entry fees are as follows (fees are the same for both barrels and poles):

Open =                       $30.00

Youth =                      $20.00

Peewee =                   $20.00

Non-members are welcome to participate, although will be required to pay an additional $10.00 per event.

Exhibition runs are intended to familiarize the horse and rider with the arena and pattern, or for horse and rider not yet ready to contest.  Exhibition runs are limited to one per horse and fees are as follows:

Exhibition Run =         $5.00 Member

Exhibition Run =         $10.00 Non-members

  1. Contestants riding multiple horses in one category must pay separate entry fees for each horse ridden.
  2. Entry fees are to be paid in cash only. There will be no exceptions made as the entry monies are used to pay out places at the end of the race.
  3. Riders have the option to carry their time over when they enter more than one qualifying race category. Rider must pay the standard entry fee for each category entered, but makes only one run. The time will then be carried over to the additional categories. Contestant must declare their desire to carry their time over when paying their entry fees.
  4. Exhibitions will be started no later than 30 minutes prior to race start time.  NOTE: Exhibition start time and/or race start time may be adjusted based on the number of exhibition runs.
  5. Exhibitions will be paid separately from entry sign up.  No exhibitions may be added once they have begun.
  6. 30% of entry fee monies is retained by 907 Barrel Racers to pay race related costs including, but not limited to, arena fees, flagger, rakers, etc…
  7. The draw shall be done in a random manner, i.e.: computer, shuffling cards, numbered chips, etc.
  8. Re-runs will be permitted on a case by case basis and at the discretion of the board of directors.
  9. 907 Barrel Racers officials or event officials at their sole discretion shall have the authority to disqualify or deny entry to any horse they deem unfit for competition or that they deem dangerous to the rider, other individuals, animals, or property.


  1. The 907 Barrel Racers Association reserves the right to refuse service to any individual as they see fit.
  2. All contestants/participants must sign a release of liability waiver and code of conduct before participating in any 907 Barrel Racers events.  NOTE:  This includes non-competitors riding horses (i.e. warming up, training, etc.) during an event.
  3. Participants under 18 years of age must have a waiver of liability signed by a parent or guardian.
  4. Membership entitles the holder to participate in all 907 Barrel Racers approved races and accumulate points towards year end awards.  See Membership section.
  5. Non-members cannot earn points towards year end awards.
  6. There are no refunds or carrying entries to a future race for voluntary draw outs.  If a horse becomes lame, the contestant/participate needs to bring the matter to the attention of a 907 board member to be issued a refund.
  7. Contestants/participants are responsible to abide by all arena rules (i.e. dogs not leashes, no dogs, other arena usage, etc.)
  8. Contestants are responsible for cleaning-up after their horse(s) and garbage left behind by themselves, children and family members.



  1. Contestants may ride multiple horses in the same category.
  2. Each horse/rider is considered one contestant.
  3. Each horse/rider team earns individual money.
  4. Riders with multiple horses must specify the horse with each entry. The draw position assigned will be to a specific horse and the rider must ride the horses in the order specified or be subject to a fine.
  5. It is strongly suggested that riders competing on multiple horses have gear for each one. This will save time during the course of the race and avoid the chaos of switching gear mid-race.
  6. An additional membership is required for each additional horse the competitor intends to ride.



  1. In the event of a paying audience, all contestants are required to wear a long sleeved western button down shirt, cowboy hat or helmet, jeans, and cowboy boots.
  2. Cowboy boots must be worn at all times by all persons on horseback whether the individual is a competitor or not. This rule extends to all persons including family and spectators.
  3. Helmets MUST BE worn by anyone 17 years old and younger when they are on horseback. This includes warming up and casual riding.



  1. Only 55 gallon drums may be used. No plastic barrels or pop-up barrels will be allowed.
  2. There is only one contestant and horse allowed in the arena at the time of competition.
  3. The barrel pattern is being 1 right turn and 2 left turns or vice versa. Contestants may run to the either the left or right barrel first, but then must finish the pattern accordingly. Contestants will receive a no time for breaking pattern.
  4. Contestants will be allowed a running start, and will be required to run in and out of the arena only when an acceptable, centrally located gate safely permits it.
  5. The start/finish lines will be one and the same. A contestant’s time will begin and end when they cross this line.
  6. Races will be timed by electronic eye, with a stop watch back up when available. If the eye fails on more than 50% of entries, then all times will be taken from the back up times.
  7. Knocking over a barrel will result in a no time.  Touching a barrel is permitted.
  8. Should a barrel be knocked over and then re-set up on the opposite end, it will still be considered knocked over and the no time/5 second penalty will stand.
  9. Barrels will be repositioned on the markers precisely if they are accidentally moved by a contestant during competition.
  10. Contestants will receive a no time for crossing back over the eye and stopping the clock before the run is completed.
  11. Barrels will be raked based on number of contestants and will be done by motorized tractor when possible, or by hand when not.
  12. The use of leg straps to secure the rider to their horse will not be allowed at any 907 Barrel Racers event. Use of these will be considered reason for disqualification.



  1. Barrels are to be set no closer than 15 feet from the side fences and no closer than 20 feet from the end fence. Score line shall be no closer than 20 feet from between barrels 1 & 2.
  2. Barrel pattern can be set according to arena size if desired, but shall be no larger than standard size. (Standard course: 90 feet between barrel 1 & 2, 105 feet between barrels 1 & 3, and 2 & 3. 60 feet between barrels 1 & 2 and the score line.)
  3. Score line shall be no closer than 20 feet from the end of the arena.
  4. Barrel and electric eye markers are to be used.
  5. Barrel and electronic eye shall be positioned centered over where the marker comes out of the ground.



  1. Each contestant will be allowed a running start, and time will begin and end as the horse crosses the electronic eye beam.
  2. The pattern is to be run around 6 poles. Each pole is to be positioned 21 feet apart and the first pole is to be 21 feet from the start/finish line.
  3. Poles are to be set on top of the ground, six feet in height, with no base more than 14 inches in diameter.
  4. Poles are to be positioned in a perfectly straight line.
  5. Contestants may start either to the left or the right of the first pole, and then run the remainder of the pattern accordingly.
  6. Knocking over a pole will result in a no time.



  1. There shall be one flagger positioned behind the electronic eye, if available, to flag the racer in and out on the horse’s nose.
  2. There shall be one timer to operate the electronic eye and to run a backup stopwatch, if available.
  3. Secretary will be responsible for taking race entries, payout of award monies, and maintaining accurate points for year-end awards. Contestants have 5 days from the day of a payout to notify secretary of a suspected error in monies. After 5 days, the payout will stand as is.
  4. Race officials have the right to cancel any race at any time. Race Cancellations will be decided by the board prior to the race starting. Members are responsible for checking the 907 Barrel Racers Facebook page and/or web site where officials will promptly post any cancellations. Every attempt will be made to reschedule cancelled races whenever possible.



  1. Any re-runs awarded will be at the discretion of race officials and will be decided by a majority vote of board of Directors.
  2. Any contestant believing they are due a re-run must bring it to the attention of the secretary, or a board member before the next class begins.
  3. A request for a re-run is not a guarantee that one will be awarded.
  4. If a re-run is granted, the contestant will be given 10 minutes to rest before the run if desired.




All members/contestants/participants of 907 Barrel Racers are expected to behave at all times with the utmost respect for other racers, board members, flaggers, timers, and most importantly, our equine partners. Good sportsmanship is expected at all times by all. Any action/s deemed unsportsmanlike or damaging to other racers, the club, or any animal, will be subject to fines and/or expulsion from 907 Barrel Racers. Members/contestants/ participants must regard barrel racing is an honorable sport, and conduct self and competition as such. They must build a fair and just competition using integrity in relations with other members/contestants/participants and with the public and strive to maintain high standards in all aspects of business and commerce.


907 Barrel Racers members/contestants/participants are responsible for the conduct of any person that accompanies them to any race or club function. This includes family members, children, friends, etc… Any inappropriate or unsportsmanlike actions or behavior by any person in the company of a members/contestants/participants will be considered to have been committed by the members/contestants/participants and that members/contestants/participants will be responsible for any fines and/or penalties.


Any action deemed prejudicial to the best interests of 907 Barrel Racers may result in fines, penalties, or the immediate suspension of a member, including but not limited to the following:

    1. Using abusive or intemperate language or attempting to threaten, bribe, influence or harass any members/contestants/participants, event official, event volunteer or 907 Barrel Racers Board Members. This includes any remarks made in person, in passing, or on social media with the intent to cast aspersions on the character or integrity of the 907 Barrel Racers association, any 907 Barrel Racers official or any person acting in such capacity.
    1. Abuse of an animal by any unnecessary non-competitive or competitive action (anywhere on event grounds) may result in disqualification and/or suspension at the 907 Barrel Racers officials’ discretion (No refunds will be given). The guidelines for code of conduct will apply in regards to this violation, however the 907 Barrel Racers board of directors retains the right to enforce 3rd offense violation at any time if deemed necessary.
    1. Members/contestants/participants are responsible at all times for the supervision of their children. Children under the age of 6 must have a responsible adult with them at all times while at any 907 Barrel Racers event. Unsupervised children put themselves and others in danger and repeat offenders of this will be subject to suspension from participation in 907 Barrel Racers events.
    1. Any attempt to cheat in any manner including but not limited to: moving or changing the location of a barrel or eye marker, attempting to compete in a division the member is not qualified to compete in, or any obvious attempt to “pull up” or pace their run. Contestants must attempt to make the fastest run possible.
    1. Any use of illegal drugs or any instance of underage drinking will result in immediate suspension and a forfeit of entry fees and winnings.



In the event of a violation to the code of conduct and/or 907 Rule Book the following recourse will be enforced:

    • 1st offense = $50.00 fine, (must be paid before member will be allowed entry into another event or race and before points and monies won will be awarded).
    • 2nd offense = $50.00 fine, (must be paid before member will be allowed entry into another event or race). Member will forfeit points and monies earned at that race/event and will be suspended from the next event/race.
    • 3rd offense = $50.00 fine, and suspension from the club for the remainder of the race season/calendar year, forfeiting all points and awards up to that point, with NO refunds. The fine will need to be paid before the next race year before membership will be allowed for that year. (The 907 Barrel Racers board retains the right to enforce 3rd offense violation at any time if deemed necessary.)



Grievances must be submitted in writing within the first 5 days following the occurrence of the incident. If it is not grieved within the first 5 days of the occurrence it will not be addressed.


Any contestant who abuses an animal by any unnecessary non-competitive or competitive action (anywhere on event grounds) may result in disqualification and/or suspension at the 907 Barrel Racers officials’ discretion. (No refunds will be given) The guidelines for code of conduct will apply in regards to this violation, however the 907 Barrel Racers Board retains the right to enforce 3rd offense violation at any time if deemed necessary.


All decisions regarding 907 Barrel Racers will be resolved with a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Any attempt to unduly manipulate this vote will result in immediate suspension.




907 Barrel Racers reserve the right to refuse membership or service to any person at any time.



                                    Adult:........................................................................ $75.00

                                    Youth: ...................................................................... $50.00

                                    Peewee: .................................................................. $50.00

                                    Additional horse ........................................................ $50.00


Membership fees must be paid in full before points will be awarded for year-end standings. Placing prior to membership fees being paid will NOT be counted in the year end standings.


Any person three (3) years of age (by January 1st of the current race season), or older is eligible for membership by filling out the required membership forms and paying dues in full. Dues and/or membership are not transferrable. An additional membership and dues will be required for each additional horse a member plans to compete on. Children under 3 years of age, (by January 1st of the current race season), are not eligible to compete.



Minimum sponsorship requirements:

                              Open ...................................................................... $300.00

                              Youth .................................................................... $200.00

                              PeeWee ............................................................... $200.00

                              Additional horse and/or class.............. $100.00*



  • A Peewee member also contesting in Youth sponsorship would be $300.00

  • A Youth member also contesting in Open sponsorship would be $400.00 (when contesting in two classes where the sponsorship differs, the higher of the two class sponsorship is required)

  • An Open member contesting on two horses sponsorship would be $400.00

  • A Youth member contesting on two horses sponsorship would be $300.00


  1. Members are responsible for securing sponsorship money in the amounts listed above by July 15th. Sponsorship packets will be provided upon request.
  2. Membership dues or donations may be paid by check.  NOTE: Failure to make good on a returned check may result in immediate suspension from 907 Barrel Racers events.
  3. Failure to meet sponsorship goals will result in a forfeiture of year end awards.
  4. Members have the option to pay the minimum sponsor amount instead of doing fundraising if they desire.
  5. Hardship cases, (inability to raise money based on circumstances beyond the members control), will be heard and evaluated on a case by case basis by the board of directors.
  6. Time extension requests will be heard and evaluated on a case by case basis by the board of directors.



  1. In order to qualify for year-end awards, members are required to meet the sponsorship fundraising goals stated herein. Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of any points and awards otherwise earned and entitled to.
  2. Points will be tallied per division.
  3. The contestant with the most points in a division at the end of the race season will be named the champion of that particular division, and the contestant with the second highest points in a division will be named the reserve champion.
  4. Points will be earned based on rider. Individuals competing on more than one horse will be considered a separate contestant for each horse/rider team. An additional full entry fee must be paid for each additional horse ridden.
  5. If a contestant wins a year end championship in more than one division, but on different horses, that contestant is considered a separate competitor and is eligible to remain champion in each division won.
  6. If the extra membership fee has been paid for a second horse prior to event start time, the horse with the lower points awarded will go with the second membership. It does not matter which horse the member rides, the points are awarded to the rider, not the horse. Example, Suzie competes on two horses and falls 1st in 1D and 2nd in 1D. Suzie 1 will be awarded 5 points and Suzie 2 will be awarded 4 points.
  7. Riders with multiple horses must specify the horse with each entry. The draw position assigned will be to a specific horse and the rider must ride the horses in the order specified or be subject to a fine.
  8. If a member opts to enter more horses than paid membership, the member must disclose which horses are competing as membership runs.  The member will either have to the additional $10 per event non-member entry fees for the additional horse(s), or pay the $50 additional horse membership fee.
  9. Barrel races will be run in 4D format, and pole bending in a 3D format.
  10. Points system for year-end awards will be 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th places.
  11. Should fewer than five horses place in a division, points will be awarded beginning with five points for 1st place.
  12. Rider must land in a division at least 5 times to be eligible for awards in that division.
  13. Members competing in more than one class (i.e. youth & open, peewee & youth, etc.), will be required to pay the difference in membership fees to receive points in that class.  If the member opts not to receive points for the class in which they paid membership, the additional $10 non-member entry fees will apply.


A member who has been suspended, disqualified, or denied points under this section may appeal to the 907 Barrel Racers board members within the 1st 7 days following the occurrence. The date, time, and location of such meeting will be determined by the board. The decisions of such appeals shall be final and binding on all parties.